We work safely!

The National Labor Inspection appreciated the activities of the FAMA company in the field of work health and safety, granting the company the first place in the competition "Employer - organizer of safe work". - It is a great award and encourages us to a further working conditions improvement in our plant.

Thank you to everyone who worked hard and contributed to this award - says the company's chairman Andrzej Kutnik.

Our company has been distinguished from many companies from the Pomeranian Voivodeship, which submitted to the competition, in the category of employers employing 51 to 250 people. In addition to FAMA, Kongsberg Maritime CM, which cooperates with FAMA, also stood on the highest level of the podium, to which we also congratulate.

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The competition took into account issues of ensuring employees safety and health protection, compliance with the principles of labour law, systematic improvement of health and safety and the overall image of the company.

- The award is special because it was granted to us for the centenary of the National Labor Inspection. It is nice and positive that external entities have appreciated our hard work in this matter, stating that in Pomerania, together with Kongsberg we are the best. This award is the result of repeated inspections made in our company by the District Labor Inspector, who himself encouraged us to take part in the competition. For many years, we have been making every effort to implement the subject of occupational health and safety reliably, by complying with all applicable laws in this field. We perform deep analyses of our work and based on them, we take preventive actions aimed at preventing dangerous events during the performance of official duties by our employees. Accidents at work are fortunately not common. We can even proudly say that they almost never happen because in recent years there have been only a few such cases in our company - explains Andrzej Kutnik.

As the company's chairman emphasizes, the award is the result of team work and commitment of the company's employees who make every effort to ensure that actions for the protection of labour are performed at the highest level.

- Not only legal issues of labour protection have been appreciated, such as the relationship, working time and remuneration of people employed in the company, but also the general conditions for the performance of official duties and the image of our plant, before and after its modernization, which also makes us very happy. Over the past years, our company has undergone many changes, both in terms of infrastructure, around the plant and those inside our company. Today we can proudly talk about the organization of our work and individual approach to each problem related to OHS. We know that everyday staff meetings and conversations about current provisions of the Labor Code, conducting accident analyses and registers in our company bring profits in the form of high safety of our employees - said Krzysztof Bałdowski, OHS Specialist at FAMA.

It is worth noting that the National Labor Inspection also awarded Social Labor Inspectors. Maciej Wiśniewski has earned such an award in our company, who demonstrates a huge commitment and a high standard of work and knowledge in the field of occupational health and safety. Congratulations!


The award and title of the Safe Work Organizer, awarded by the National Labor Inspection, is, alongside a number of previously issued certificates in the field of occupational health and safety, a great distinction for FAMA. The long-term process of building a strong and employees rights carrying plant has been noticed and highly rated by the most important institution in Poland, which safeguards the rights and working conditions.

- Thank you to all employees for their contribution and cooperation for our common security. I wish everyone further, such a peaceful and fruitful work in our company - says Andrzej Kutnik, Chairman of the Board.

The award ceremony took place on November 22, 2019 in the Great Weta Hall in the Main Town Hall in Gdańsk.


The results of the competition "Employer - organizer of safe work"

category of employers employing up to 50 employees

Water and Sewage Company "Swarzewo" in Swarzewo.

category of employers with 51 to 250 employees

- FAMA Limited Liability Company in Gniew
- Kongsberg Maritime CM Limited Liability Company in Gniew

- BASE Group Limited Liability Company in Koszały
- ASSEL Limited Liability Company in Pruszcz Gdański

- Fish processing "ŁOSOŚ" Limited Liability Company in Włynówek,
- Bluejet Limited Liability Company in Gdańsk.

Results of the "Most Active Social Labor Inspector" competition

Stanisław Węsierski - PKP Northern Cargo Company in Gdynia

Adam Bujak - The Marine-Port of Gdansk joint-stock company

Henryk Borkowski - University Clinical Centre in Gdańsk 

Maciej Wiśniewski - FAMA Limited Liability Company in Gniew


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